Thursday, 2 June 2011

1000 miles and a parking space

I just finished covering a high heel in Ten Second Studio Metal and I am so excited by it I had to post immediately! The inside of the shoe says 'A journey of 1000 miles starts with finding a parking space'.

I made a rough template of the side of the shoe from tracing paper then embossed the silver side of the metal with the new Kabuka Mold #15. When I had agonised over the colour for about two hours I jumped in and inked it with Cranberry and Lettuce Alcohol Ink and burnished the raised areas.

Then came the fun part! Had I have known before I started I wouldn't have spent so many hours trying to make my first template of the shoe and just got to work but I put some Humungo Killer Adhesive on the back of the metal which is CRAZY strong then pressed it into shape. Turns out, you don't need the cut lines exactly right, just lay it on with some overhang then use a craft or stanley knife to cut it to shape. The part where the shoe and the sole come together is really thick so you can use that groove to cut a nice clean line without cutting into the shoe.

If you are new to Ten Second Studio, they have a bunch of great videos on how to work with the metal.