Tuesday, 6 March 2012


My craft room/office was in desperate need for a makeover recently. It was at a point where no amount of cleaning the clutter made it look even half ok so a trip to Bunnings opened a can of worms. We went for two cupboards and got five then went for one set of drawers and got two.

I am thinking now, that I would like a decent bench top but until I learn to craft a bit more like an adult (and not everywhere other than the cutting mat), I might have to wait for that!

I have almost suppressed the memory of 'The Kindy Glitz Incident of 2009' but the walls and shelf contents haven't forgotten.



It has been a few weeks and I still haven't let the clutter come back. That is progress!

The cupboards and drawers are flatpax from Bunnings and you can choose drawer faces and cupboard doors separately in a heap of styles and colours but I love the idea of being able to see what I have without picking it up to find it is covered in dust! Yay for doors!

Matt just happens to be a handy genius and converted a set of pot/kitchen drawers to hold 12x12" paper. The rails that the files hang on are towel rails from Howards Storage World that have been cut down.

Cropper Hopper make 12x12" suspension files but they are a couple centimeters too long for the drawers so I just cut them down and taped them closed again. The front and back panel of the drawers need to be cut again so they they are a few cm higher than how the drawers originally come to compensate for the paper height.

The best part is, unlike most things I upgrade to, the top and bottom drawers are only half full so there is still room to add more!