Thursday, 30 July 2009

Pink Cat Studio Has Arrived!

LOOK... LOOK! Pink Cat Studio is in THA HOUSE! As you could imagine I was so excited to find these stamps in my mailbox this afternoon I just had to whip out the set I got for myself and try them out! Pop on over to Stampin' Stuff to see what else came in the mailbox today!

In store now are... yeah... Pink Cat Studio *grin*, a whole HEAP of Green Tara flowers, stunning Leaf Garland ribbon, mesh ribbon and adorable reindeer ribbon too! Then there is string, leaves, Christmas charms... ahh... it's all too much excitement for me! So, off you go... check out the new stuff!

Stamps: Pink Cat Studio - Christmas Kitty

Sunday, 26 July 2009


It has been a while since I last blogged but I'm back! I managed to get sick on my birthday for the third year in a row... blame that on Matt... he always brings home diseases a few days before our birthdays (2nd and 3rd July). After having nearly a week off work for that sickness I managed to turn mutant and had three massive cold sores on my mouth which kept me from work for almost another week, I also couldn't hear through one ear for three days and when I went to the doctor for that he didn't really care... he was more concerned about my mouth.. turns out it was infected.. ewww! Matt went away during that time and when he called to see how I was he was shocked to find all I had eaten for two days was popcorn and iced coffee. It was all I could get through my mouth! Cutlery was out of the question! Anyway, enough about all of that... it wasn't exciting (or pretty) it was just the best part of two weeks on the couch watching seasons of Supernatural over and over drinking tea and iced coffee from a straw. *groan*

So, to the CHALLENGE! Nikki would like us to go crazy with the sparkle and shimmer this week so I watercoloured a dragon (yes, in green.. I need to work on more colours hey!). I put some Twinkling H2O's on his body and Kindy Glitz on his wings. He looks rather shimmery and sparkley in person. I took this notebook to work so I have something bright and cheery to look at all day!

Have a great weekend to those who still have time... for me, its 9:20 pm on Sunday so its almost over... back to the grind until next Saturday!

Thursday, 9 July 2009


You will certainly want to check this blog candy out! Crissy is giving away seven AMAZING prizes on her blog... oh they are great! There is so much fun stuff there I want to be able to enter!!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

It's a Jungle Out There

And it is too! When I was watercolouring this image (it took hours!) I watched Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events. Now the bit in that movie that makes me squirm each time is the part with the leeches. Even though you don't actually see them, having them in the water scares me. I didn't have a whole lot of reason then to be worried but I do now....

I went walking a few weeks ago with my dad in the rainforest. It is a rough, barely used walking track to a really nice waterfall, I was taking photos, enjoying the view when I looked down and I had a leech on my leg! After screaming and jumping around for a bit I got it off (well, dad did... I wasn't touching it)... little did I know that leech was creating a diversion while I was being ambushed by a gang of more dangerous, blood-sucking leeches!! ARGH! I had about seven on each foot and they were getting in my shoes everywhere! This went on for a few hours... every time we stopped walking I had to take my shoes off and pick them off... then they got stuck to my fingers... EWW! Well, the end of the story is my foot didn't take too kindly to such an attack and I got what I now call 'Blimp Foot' where my foot and ankle (or Cankle as it was then) got so swollen it resembled a blimp for a week that I couldn't drive the car or walk further than the toilet... and had to take three days off work! I looked pretty silly limping with no shoe (double EWW!) though the doctor surgery to get anti-biotics.

The END!

Now to the card... this is WALKABOUT WALLY! He has decent footwear on while he is trecking but as my dad found out that day, the leeches still get through your socks and down to your toes even in boots. Wally might need leech proof socks...!