Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Somebunny Loves You...

Guess what? I just realised I forgot to post my challenge card for last Sunday!! I can't believe I just forgot... what's more though is I can't believe I forgot for THREE days!! It's like it slipped my mind, ran for 15 kms, found on old barn to cut off the handcuffs then laid low for three days!!

Well, better late than never, here it is... my pink and brown card for the High Hopes Challenge. This is the first time I have gotten around to using these cute little bunnies and I really think I am going to have to use them again soon... could they be any more sweet??

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Bath Belly Flopping 101

This is my first go at digital scrapbookin! It was SO fun but I don't think it can take the place of normal scrapbooking though with real paper and real layers. The thing I liked best was that it is so quick! You can move and delete things, try stuff out and if you don't have anything, just google it, download it and you have it straight away! I don't have to wait a week for the postie to turn up!

So, this is a layout of my nephew Caleb when he came to stay a few weeks ago. He doesn't have a bath at his house so he was really excited to use mine. I used a free digital kit from Two Peas called Schoolin' and it was watching these video tutorials that made me take the leap over to the dark side and give it a go! I think if you click this picture it should come up bigger so you can actually read the writitng without your go-go-gadget-eyes.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Mad Cow

Ok.... it's obvious... Bossie is MAD! Not really sure why but I don't think she needs an excuse. Three weeks of overcast sky and rain has taken its toll on her maybe?

This week we are doodling on our cards for the High Hopes Challenge. I wanted to doodle more but my white gel pen is starting to misbehave. Had I have known, I would have chosen different colours for my card!

Have you noticed the quality of my photos has been bad lately? It has been driving me crazy! We broke my fluro light when we moved house a couple months ago and replaced it with a different one that had a slightly warmer light which meant that I had a horrible orange glow on my photos. Well, four electrical wholesalers later we found the right light! YAY! I hate having to touch my photos up in Photoshop so now they are white again and I don't have to!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Princess & Albert

Sitting Princess and Albert are in print! Although I have absolutley loved every stylised photo of my cards, this would have to be my fave photo yet. I LOVE the green and the rope stuff goes so well with a little pinkish background... it looks really cute! My photo is a bit dodgy but trust me, it looks better in person!!

You can see my photos here and here.

The issue my cards are in this month is Vol 14 No 11 of Australian Cardmaking, Stamping & Papercraft and I also got a big surprise. I am the featured stamper! I answered the 20 questions ages ago but didn't know which issue it would be in. I got heaps of emails telling me I was in there before my mag even arrived (Grr... everything takes ages to get here... apparently Cairns is remote!). MAN was it exciting seeing my profile... yeah... horrifically scary having my photo in a magazine but still exciting! It still seems a bit weird to me that someone wanted to use up two pages of their excellent magazine on me!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

It's still raining...

If you live anywhere near me you will have noticed that it has been raining for over a week now and personally I feel like it's getting old. I love the rain but I am ready for some sun now! It's 'one for the boys' this week at the High Hopes Blog. Anna is hosting this challenge so pop on over to see what stamps you could win for joining in!

Seeing as it has been raining so much I decided to use Willard Weather Ant seeing as we are having so much rain!