Sunday, 28 October 2007

So Pretty

I did this layout of Carly last week and I am quite happy with it. The more I look at it the more average it seems but I think thats only becuase I have looked at it millions of times in the last week so now its just familiar to me.
Its really the style I was wanting to do and I was really trying hard just to break away from boring scrapbooking and do something really girly! It came together much easier than I expected and it only took two afternoons.
That was my first attempt at sewing too and surprisingly I did pretty well!! The only corner I did slightly dodgy was one you couldn't see anyway.

Monday, 22 October 2007


I did this layout a couple weeks ago but wasn't able to get a good photo of it. Its still not great but I am sick of trying so I just settled!

I had fun doing this one but it took about two weeks. I just stared at it most of the time without any ideas and then one day I just figured I had better do something!

Caleb didn't look overly impressed in these photos which inspired the 'OMG they're making me touch it' title. He just has a little stunned look on his face and in the picture with the frog on his foot he has a tiny tear. Its cute!

Sunday, 7 October 2007


WOOHOOOO!! My first layout in this new scrapbooking style that I am trying to beat into me where I don't have to mat everything, where its not always square and where something doesn't have to have a reason to be there!

Oh, I just couldn't be happier with this one! I ordered this kit from Crafting In Style and I just absolutely love it!! I can't take credit for the design because I pretty much just followed the instructions rather than trying my own thing but theirs just looked so good that I wanted to do it similar!!

I was given two VERY valuable pieces of advice last weekend at the La Porchetta Day and I had to keep repeating them in my head the whole time but you know what?.... they helped so much!!

Rachael told me "you have to follow it through, don't make up your mind about a layout until its finished" this is so true Rach and thats one of my biggest problems, I give up before I have finished becuase I think it looks dumb... now I am going to follow through with everything becuase I didn't like this a million times before it was finished and now its one of the best I have ever done!! (the other best being the double layout below!)

Teina told me another really valuable piece of advice (they are both so helpful that I can't pick between them) "JUST CUT IT... there is no point in stressing that you are going to stuff up a piece of paper... just cut it up beucase at the end of the day, its just paper and next week you will find something you like even better!) WELL, Teina, you hit the nail on the head here! My other problem is that I don't like to cut or use my pattern paper in case I ruin it or find another use for it and don't have it anymore.... this is all going to change.... from now on, I'm going to follow Teina's advice and JUST CUT IT!!

THANKS RACHAEL AND TEINA!! You two are just priceless!


I went to a scrapbooking class last weekend at La Porchetta (hooray for a free weekend!) and made a single and a double page layout with the ever so talented Rachael! I really envy her ability to just whip wonderful things up as if she was doing something so simple as brushing her teeth!!
Here are some pics of the layouts we made..... believe me, the photos are crooked not the paper! I have something in me that is unable to rest until something is straight but when it comes to the photos, I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO IT!! It drives me nuts! If someone knows the trick to photographing your layouts straight PLEASE tell me... I'll be ya best frieeennnddd................

If I ever work out how to get a better pic of that I will try again and update the post!
Yeah... the more I look at them, the more average these photos look, however, I LOOOOVVVEEE them in real life!!! You may just have to take my word for it!


Its been a while since my last blog and I am very sorry, truth is, I just forgot to come back!! I have just been so busy that I haven't created much at all in the last month. HOORAY FOR FREE TIME!! I have three weeks free now before my next workshop so get ready to see some updates of what I have been up to! I did do the challenge and made two aprons so long ago that I almost forgot about them until I found them yesterday.

Here is the long awaited photo of the BBQ Apron Challenge that I had with Karen! The challenge was to make a girly apron and this is what I came up with... if you would like to see what Karen made click HERE!

I intended at the time to make another apron to add to the challenge but I just sat staring at paper for ages because surprisingly, its really hard to make it girly... Rachael did a fantastic job though!

While staring at paper and just trying to kill time until inspiration arrived (I don't go looking for it by the way, I just sit patiently until it comes to me... call me lazy!) I made this little Stampin' Up! arpon just becuase I had a logo sitting next to me from a flyer I was working on at the time!

Just for laughs.... its very boring but it killed five minutes so it was amusing at the time.....