Thursday, 21 June 2007


This is my first attempt at a blog and its mainly becuase of two reasons...
  1. Like, you know, everybody's doing it..!
  2. My Art Gallery on my website keeps playing up and I am sick of trying to fix it!

I have been stamping since November 2006 and that expensive but oh so fun hobby was started by my partner Matt's sister, Joanne... THANKS JO! Meanwhile, Matt is probably reading this going... "yeah.... thanks Jo".

I was introduced to Stampin' Up! at Christmas time by my sister Kelly, while Matt and I were in Brissy visiting his family and she was looking for wedding stamps. She found out about Kim (my upline) on the Huggies website and sent me the link. I just couldn't belive it and spent so many freezing hours (it was cold and raining the whole time) over Christmas flipping through the pages of the online catty. I just loved it and it was great becuase I wanted to visit some stamping stores over the break but I could only find two whole shops that were open before the New Year. Finding Stampin' Up! was perfect timing because the one stamping shop in Cairns had just closed down and left us with one scrapbooking shop and Spotlight!

In March 2007 I became a Demonstrator and I love it!! I have a full stamping room and Matt even built me a great big bench and shelves to hold it all. I am still threatening to take over his office though becuase it has a bench that goes all around the whole room and mine only goes half way. I have had a few Workshops now and I just love it. I don't know many stampers personally so I love going and stamping with other people!

I also have a downline, Ruth and a downline-to-be, Susan! Ruth has been a demonstrator in Cairns now for a few weeks and we sent Susan's paperwork off yesterday. So exciting!!

Well, I will stop now. That is where it all started and if you have actually read to the bottom of my raving then THANK YOU and stay tuned to see some of the creations I have made!

Over and out



Kim said...

Wow Amy! Like your site, your Blog is fantastic! Congratulations! I'm so proud of you!!!!

Sonya R said...

Love your artwork so far, and you stamp room sounds fantastic.
Congratulations on starting your Blog. I will be checking back often.