Monday, 6 April 2009

Meet..... Gabrielle

I took up bear making for a few hours this weekend... by few I mean about 10. I got Gabrielle's bits and pieces at the Townsville Craft Fair from Brentwood Bears and started yesterday at dodgily sewing her. So, now she isn't a pile of fur and parts... she's a little bear! Surprisingly, she is actually holding together too!

I have always wanted to make a teddy bear but I am so challenged when it comes to sewing its not funny. If you had to have a license to use a sewing machine they would take me aside, sit me down and distract me while someone raids my house and smashes my machine into a million little pieces! Want an example? Last night I got my head so close to the machine the little silver bit that goes up and down near the top of the machine hit me in the forhead!

You know, from this picture she actually looks pretty good. To be honest I am rather proud... thank goodness for the fur... it was horrible to sew when you have no sewing experience but it hides all the flaws! I am so glad that no one ever needs to see what it really looks like on the inside!


Debbie Pamment said...

Gorgeous job - you should have seen MY first attempt at bear making - it had a very strange looking nose!!

Kristy said...

wow adorable! Thats a awesome first attempt! I would love to sew bears but i sucked at sewing quilts and ending up selling the machine i brought just for sewing quilts lol.

Crissy Armstrong said...

Aww, Amy, cute bear! Adorable!! You made me laugh with your sewing story of getting hit in the forehead. Poor you! lol

Cheryl Joshua said...

WOW,a fantastic first attempt.....I love it,it is so cute!!!

6 wacky women said...

Oh are too funny!!!
I am sitting here picturing you whack yourself in the head with the "silver bit"....ahhahaha!!!!

I must say though, Gabrielle is just gorgeous. You did an amazing job!!

Karen x

Tori Wild said...

Ohh--- what a cutie--- I too am "sewing machine challenged" --- your comment cracked me up--- and great name for the bear (My daughter is Gabrielle!) :)

Michelle B. AKA JustPaintingAround said...

You are so funny (hitting your head!). I think your bear looks cute as can be! You could have fibbed that you are a fabulous seamstress and we'd have all believe you!

Mich said...

This is a great bear !!!!

Haha, how funny your sewing experiences !! ;-))

dpkennedy said...

She is seriously adorable! Looks fabulous to me!!

Chrissie said...

Amy... you are not alone hitting your head with the silver bit! I have made many quilts... but I have done the same thing more than once!!! LOL
Love your bear... very cute!

Janna said...

Congratulations! She is so adorable! You did an amazing job! I would have no idea that you were "sewing challenged"