Sunday, 26 July 2009


It has been a while since I last blogged but I'm back! I managed to get sick on my birthday for the third year in a row... blame that on Matt... he always brings home diseases a few days before our birthdays (2nd and 3rd July). After having nearly a week off work for that sickness I managed to turn mutant and had three massive cold sores on my mouth which kept me from work for almost another week, I also couldn't hear through one ear for three days and when I went to the doctor for that he didn't really care... he was more concerned about my mouth.. turns out it was infected.. ewww! Matt went away during that time and when he called to see how I was he was shocked to find all I had eaten for two days was popcorn and iced coffee. It was all I could get through my mouth! Cutlery was out of the question! Anyway, enough about all of that... it wasn't exciting (or pretty) it was just the best part of two weeks on the couch watching seasons of Supernatural over and over drinking tea and iced coffee from a straw. *groan*

So, to the CHALLENGE! Nikki would like us to go crazy with the sparkle and shimmer this week so I watercoloured a dragon (yes, in green.. I need to work on more colours hey!). I put some Twinkling H2O's on his body and Kindy Glitz on his wings. He looks rather shimmery and sparkley in person. I took this notebook to work so I have something bright and cheery to look at all day!

Have a great weekend to those who still have time... for me, its 9:20 pm on Sunday so its almost over... back to the grind until next Saturday!


cats whiskers said...

Oh Hun so glad you are feeling better what a rotten couple of weeks. This dragon is a real cutie and you have coloured him to perfection
Hugs Jacqui x

Niki Estes said...

This is so cute, Amy! I love the sparkle you added and your coloring is gorgeous!

Cheryl Joshua said...

OMG sounds like you had a terrible time,so glad you are better!!! Love your colouring and fabulous sparkle!!!

Katie Cotton said...

su[er cute card! Love the coloring!

Tracey said...

So glad you are feeling better Amy! This is just adorable though. I love that dragon image!!

Nicoline said...

Oh wow that sounds horrible
Hope you’re feeling a lot better by now ;-)

Great card you’ve made again!!!


Tricia said...

Your notebook is adorable. I'm glad you have something to smile about after being miserable for a few weeks!! Feel better!!

6 wacky women said...

Fabulous notebook, Amy.
Your coloring is awesome, love the orange sparkle on him, it looks great!!
Sounds like you had quite a time of it. Hope you are feeling better now.

Karen x

Lacey said...

Wow! Sounds like you have been through so much lately! I hope you are feeling better now.
I love your the layers and your coloring is fab as usual!!
Hopefully I can dig out my stamping desk from under boxes soon so I can create my first card in my new home!
Big hugs :-)

Kelly Schelske said...

Oh no, you've had a rough go for a bit.

Super cute, awesome coloring, love it!

Hugs, Kelly

dpkennedy said...

This is so cute! Who wouldn't want to use this book everyday with that cutie pie on the cover?! I am so glad that you are feeling better-that sounded just awful! Well, you certainly recovered enough to produce this fabulously colored image! Love it!