Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Village

I made this little village using a bunch of goodies from Collections Elements. I think in the time it took for me to make the houses I could have built a real village but that is just because I kept changing my mind and changing things around.

The houses themselves were covered in Collections Pattern Paper (a mixture of all of the packs) and the windows have little pieces of transparency in them so you can see through them. I used both house kits so there were a whole bunch of the little things!

I used a Collections Tree behind the houses and put some bent metal foliage on the branches too. When I was gluing it on a thought crossed my mind.... Cairns City Council would be right on to the owner of that house... if that came down in a cyclone there would be nothing left of the little thing! Matt had the idea to add a chimney to the big house so that is just made using left over chipboard from around the pieces of the kit and glued it on.


Kath in Oz said...

Amy, your little village is darling. I have been looking and looking at Julie's house kits and umming and ahhing over them...this ,might be just the inspiration I needed.

Great work.


Janette said...

Your villiage is amazing,so much work has obviously gone into them all, but well worth it.xx

Vicki said...

You've done such an awesome job Amy! These look amazing :).

liz walker said...

I love your little village .. very gorgeous!!

Emily Leiphart said...

Wow, this is such a fantastic little village and a labour of love! If I were super tiny, I'd love to live in it! :D