Thursday, 6 January 2011

Houses for Birds

No one said that the houses had to be for mini little humans! How about mini little birds? This project evolved and seemed to get more complex every day but eventually turned out really fun and really quite constructive.

The birds, flowers and grass are cut from chipboard using my Circut that I got for Christmas. Gee that machine is fun!

The houses are house kit #1 from Collections Elements and the leaves are the Leaf and Swirl Magnolia Doohickey die.


Anonymous said...

this is so cool, I Love this project!

phillipa said...

I love this project Amy! So cute!! Love the way you have even given the little birdies a ledge to stand on!!!

debby4000 said...

Oh WOW Amy this is amazing and so cute.

Mim said...

this reminds me of the treehouse that the neighbours kids had growing up... for a while, we took great pleasure in pretending we were birds in a fancy nest! Love the pink and green colour combo.