Sunday, 15 September 2013

How to Re-cover Books

This is a great way to update some old books that you no longer want to read or even just for a bit of home decor around the house. Stacking books is really popular right now so why not have them look pretty too. 

I covered my books using calico and wallpaper samples that I got from Masters Australia (a hardware shop) but you can use any sort of paper or fabric. Why not try scrapbooking paper, decoupage paper, a nice wrapping paper (how cool would a stack of Christmas books look!) or even your own or child's artwork that they painted themselves. 


Watch this video on you-tube: 

Old Hardcover Books Fabric (such as calico)
Wallpaper, scrapbooking paper or artwork etc.
Ribbon to cover the join between paper and fabric
Fabric Glue
Mod Podge Matte
Craft Knife

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