Monday, 10 September 2007


As you might have read in the comment section of the post below, my friend Karen has set a challenge to make some girly aprons and man am I going to give it a go!!

I am about to sit down and see what I can come up with so stay tuned. I am so excited!!

Post a comment if you would like to join in!


Karen said...

Alrighty Amy - we have competiton and its DROP DEAD BEAUTIFUL!
Go check out Jeans blog for what she's done!!! I will get mine done this weekend for sure!


Rachael said...

whoo hooo I did one - check out my blog!!

crhessel said...

I am just so excited to see that you have posted again. I have you on my favorites list and have been checking in over the past month greatly missing your ispirational cards! Glad your back.