Sunday, 7 October 2007


WOOHOOOO!! My first layout in this new scrapbooking style that I am trying to beat into me where I don't have to mat everything, where its not always square and where something doesn't have to have a reason to be there!

Oh, I just couldn't be happier with this one! I ordered this kit from Crafting In Style and I just absolutely love it!! I can't take credit for the design because I pretty much just followed the instructions rather than trying my own thing but theirs just looked so good that I wanted to do it similar!!

I was given two VERY valuable pieces of advice last weekend at the La Porchetta Day and I had to keep repeating them in my head the whole time but you know what?.... they helped so much!!

Rachael told me "you have to follow it through, don't make up your mind about a layout until its finished" this is so true Rach and thats one of my biggest problems, I give up before I have finished becuase I think it looks dumb... now I am going to follow through with everything becuase I didn't like this a million times before it was finished and now its one of the best I have ever done!! (the other best being the double layout below!)

Teina told me another really valuable piece of advice (they are both so helpful that I can't pick between them) "JUST CUT IT... there is no point in stressing that you are going to stuff up a piece of paper... just cut it up beucase at the end of the day, its just paper and next week you will find something you like even better!) WELL, Teina, you hit the nail on the head here! My other problem is that I don't like to cut or use my pattern paper in case I ruin it or find another use for it and don't have it anymore.... this is all going to change.... from now on, I'm going to follow Teina's advice and JUST CUT IT!!

THANKS RACHAEL AND TEINA!! You two are just priceless!


Rachael said...

Advice is always good LOL - so glad you actually got to use the kit and that page turned out fabulous!!! I can't wait to see it in real life. A scrap day at my house is definately a must - soon!!!
Oh and about cutting the paper - if you really love paper, buy 2 sheets (at least if you *&^% one up, you have a spare)

~KRISTY~ said...

looks fantastic! love the LO,the colours and the little fella is adorable.