Sunday, 18 November 2007

An even better drumroll.......

I went to a canvas class yesterday with the lovely Teina and this is what I ended up with!

It's safe to say, I now have an all time fave which I think will be hard to beat! We didn't actually have time to finish the whole canvas in the two hours and I came home with just the background paper, netting and ribbon on it... Matt looked at me a bit odd and said "so then, what were you doing that entire time?".... MEN! Like they need to ask.... we were doing what women do best... chatting! We did get everything completed and just ready to stick down so it really didn't take long to just finish it off when I got home. It was probably better to glue it all down at home where it has time to dry with a book on it rather than being rushed at the class.

The background is made using a gorgeous sheet of paper all strunched up. We put HEAPS of glue all over the canvas and then put the paper down and pressed it into the glue without smoothing it out. Its produces a fantastic effect!!

I just really couldn't be happier with the result! THANKS TEINA!

Just in case... I might ask... is anyone still reading my blog??!! HAHA


Susan said...

A very good day's effort, Amy! I like th effect of the scrunched paper and that's a great photo of you and Matt.

About bogs - I wonder the same thing about whether people are reading them r not. If you have a competition, people seem to read and comment. If you are doing challenges, people seem to dread it that are doing the challenges too. Otherwise, it is just a couple of loyal friends and companions of the virtual highway who stop by....

I like having a record of what I have done anyway, even if no one else looks!!

Rachael said...

well you know I am always reading LOL!

Wow yours turned out fab! I still haven't stuck any of mine down lol.


Corie said...

WOW WOW WOW -- This is fantastic!!

Lexie said...

AWESOME Canvas Amy, love it!!!

Teina said...

Wow Amy it looks awesome
am so happy that you finished yours
and we did have an awesome time
the rest of your blog is all inspiring I have lost my moo jo but might have it back now loving your cards they are all awesome