Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Secret Santa

I covered this treasure chest tin last night for my boss. I managed to pull her name out of the hat for Secret Santa. At first it seemed like an impossible task but after a few minutes thought I realised that she is probably one of the easier people to buy for in our team!

I also made a little altered paperclip to hold the gift bag closed. She likes wine so I thought this would be a good topper for it! Shhh... no one tell them where I got the paperclip from!

I wrote 'From Cameron' on the gift tag because they all know secretly that it is Cam that comes up with all the pretty cards and scrapbook layouts that keep turning up in the office... he just gives them to me to me before anyone gets in in the morning so they don't think he is odd! He just whips them up in between kite surfing and work! So he says.....



Susan said...

Wow, Amy - you are sure to make your boss happy with that!! I don't know this Cameron - will have to meet him one day :-)

Do you mind if I put your blog on my blog roll?


OH Amy That is just beautiful! Amazing work. I just love the BG papers so so yum!