Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Stamping Room Makeover

For my birthday this year I wanted some new shelves in my stamping room. I really needed some space to tidy things up and organise it all a bit better.

We started the reno the day after my birthday and three days later I had a completely different room! We had only planned to take down the old shelves and swap them for different ones but it wasn't that easy! When we took down the other shelves it damaged the wall so badly that we needed to patch them.... then once we did that we realised that we needed to paint them then.... WELLL.... I HATE painting but it was worth it! My room is the second to last to get its makeover and match the rest of the house so now it blends in with the rest of the house.... one room to go!
HERE IT IS! All organised! The only problem is, the shelf that was perfectly positioned under the light to take good photos of my cards has gone and MAN am I struggling to get a good photo now! So, what do you think???


Karen said...

Wow!!! Ames thats beautiful!!! Great job on the make over!!


Kim said...

Wow Amy!!! That's fantastic! Wonder how long it will stay tidy like that? LOL

It's nearly enough to inspire me to actually put the shelving into my room that I've been contemplating!!! Can you lend me your hubby?! LOL

Chrissie said...

That looks great! You tell Matt that any time he wants soemthing to do, he can come to my place and reno my study! I'll even cook him dinner! LOL

Tammi said...

Wow!! What a wonderful room/spot to stamp! I love how neat and organized it is...mine's a total disaster lately, lol!