Saturday, 20 December 2008

G'Day Mate Kanga

I made this card a while ago too for the fabulous Crissy! I decided that even though she drew the gorgeous kangaroo, she would still like to receive a card with him on it... from Australia! I love these Aussie stamps! I couldn't possibly love the little Kanga and Sydney more!

Now, it was somewhere around watercolouring Kanga when I realised that I couldn't possibly live without my H2O's. All I had used them on before this was Kimmie's 'Sydney Koala' card below... they seriously hide so many little bits of colouring that I am concerned about and they make the colouring look so much more vibrant.... ohhhhh I love them! I just use them to accentuate the shadow/dark areas so it also means I don't have to do so many layers of colour trying to get it dark enough for my liking.


Kelly said...

Absolutely fabulous Amy!! Your coloring rocks!!

Cheri Howard said...

How adorable! I love the color combo on this card!

Tracey said...

A fabulous card!! The kanga is adorable!