Saturday, 1 March 2008

At the Beach

I can't take credit for this layout because NONE of it was my idea but Jo's (NMP)! I know Jo from the INKredibles forum and she is (with good reason!) a DT member of All Craftz. I saw this layout AGES ago and I just LOVED it so much that I made Matt and Rouge go to the beach just so I had a photo I could use on it!

Jo, your layout is amazing... its been quite a while since I have seen a layout so unique and different from everything I have seen... I just hope that you don't mind that I cased it so closely! I tried my hardest to make it my own but it just wasn't happening... yours was just too good!!! :(

Anyway, go have a look at Jo's gallery in the link above... its worth it! You will also see her original idea of the layout I cased here (it's way better though!) and thanks Jo if you read this, you have made me look so totally different at paint and a great way to use it... bubble wrap!



Love your take on Jo's Lo! She is an inspiration isn't she. I am so stoked to be working with her on the DT!

Fantastic work Amy! Well done.

Anonymous said...

Oh Amy!!! thanks so very much for your truely wonderful words, i personaly feel so honored that you liked my enough to give it a go!!! Looks fantastic btw!!!!

Jo (NMP) xx

Nardi said...

Amy - I love that you made them go to the beach so that you had the perfect photo. :o) Great LO - I can completely understand your inspiration from the fabulous Jo!