Saturday, 8 March 2008

In Nine Lives

I did say that I was only going to do one layout of the cat because I don't really like her enough to spend too long scrapping her face but turns out, she is rather cute and its taken two years but she is slowly growing on me this week... I still stand by my 'a little bit boring' comment though... she doesn't do much. My next comment is I HATE Photoshop CS3!! I think I loved it a few days ago but I can't fix the colours on my photos to save myself and the auto function is rubbish!! 5.0 had a good auto function on it when I couldn't get the colour right any other way by myself but CS3.... ARGH! *rant over* Anyway, you may just have to take my word that the two photo's I have posted today look much better in real life.


Susan said...

Your LOs turned out GREAT, Amy! Hope you can work out your photoshop glitches soon.

Jen said...

Adourable, I am totally lifting the quote tonight! Great page, even if you don't like the cat that much.