Friday, 18 April 2008


Well Convention was nothing short of WONDERFUL! I had such a fantastic time and it was well worth the two day drive to get there!
When we arrived for the first day on Friday, we were given a big blue bag with great little surprises in it! We received our two stamp sets, Fun & Fast Notes & Happiness and other great little things like a Dream Big pen, a Convention pin and all the stuff we needed for our make-and-take classes. After oohing and ahhing quickly over those we took off for Merchandise Mall. There were little stalls everywhere and it was great browsing and satisfying our shopping needs for a bit. I got a travel mug and a catalgoue carry bag.
As the two days went on it was like they were throwing fun stuff at us from every direction... we watched heaps of demonstrations and went to a few sessions and had a great time with our make-and-takes there were also Prize Patrols where they randomly picked names to win free stamp sets... I won 'Priceless' on the last day and I was STOKED! Senior Supervisors and above went to a night session and when we left they had a great big table with heaps of Garden Whimsy stamp sets for us and I also got a cute little set called Short & Sweet for my recruiting award!!
The awards night was amazing.. it was so classy... a waitress came and put my napkin thingy on my lap for me and everything... I felt so out of place! Lucky for us, Maxine came to the rescue at dinner and actually knew which fork to start with... it was hilarious... a whole table of blank faces when they put the plates in front of us!

Lastly, I had a chance to meet Shelli during the awards ceremony on stage! It was so scary and the whole time I was walking up the ramp I was thinking in my head... just get to Shelli; thats a safe spot then bolt across and back down the ramp and you will blend back in with the crowd! I hated being up there where everyone could see me!! Shelli is fantastic and I always expected her to be nice but she is also amazinly funny and entertaining too! When she talks and demonstrates projects you can't help but listen to every word she says!

Next year Convention will be in Canberra and I will be there! It is worth the travel and the cost of it all for two days full of experiences you aren't going to get anywhere else!

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