Sunday, 29 June 2008

Birthday Invitations

It is Matt's birthday on Wednesday and my birthday on Thursday this week so I decided to make some invitations to send to my family to come out for dinner. I got the idea for these from this months Stamping & Papercraft magazine, I used canvas paper to watercolour some flowers and leaves. It is a really nice texture and really easy to watercolour on so it was quite fun!

Anyway, YAY for Hogsbreath! Thats where we are going by the way... we got our free steak vouchers for our birthdays in the mail last week so it wasn't difficult to think of a venue! I am not looking forward to hitting the down-hill run to 30 but it is always fun to have cake! I am sure 25 wont seem too scary once its here... Matt is just focusing on the fact that he will get cheaper insurance... whatever eases the pain I suppose!


Chrissie said...

Gee Amy... 25???? Man I am so close to 40 I can smell it!!! I love your invitation.. so cheery!

Susan said...

I am the 'senior' in the comments section so far. 50 is but a memory. Enjoy being 25. It was great fro me. And happy belated birthdays to you and Matt. Mine was 21st June.

Kim said...

I hope you had a great night Amy! I miss Hogs Breath there in Cairns! Let's just say I consumed many a cocktail there!!! LOL