Saturday, 21 June 2008

Fire Friends

Well, I got back from Brisbane late last night after my flight was delayed (WASN'T IMPRESSED!) and today I am exhausted! We have to do a roast for lunch today for friends, go to a wedding at 3 and then tomorrow we have a BBQ for lunch to go to... when does this happen?! I can have nothing on for months.... not a single outing planned then all of a sudden they all pop up in two days after I have just had to spend a couple days defending for myself out in the real world! I really couldn't be bothered!

Well, this card is cute right? I made it last weekend... it took me about 2 hours to watercolour but it was worth it! I love that the beaver, moose and bear are all huddled up one end trying to get away from the skunk! This is a High Hopes Stamp!

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Elena said...

The card is very cute! I love your coloring! You've done an amazing job!!! Thank you very much for sharing and inspiring us!