Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Happy Birthday To Ye!

This card is one of my favourites... I love how it turned out. I got the idea for the white dots from Artfully Ila - it is absolute genious Ila! It is amazing how a few dots can really accent an area and make it really interesting... I don't think I can go back to no dots anymore! I also got the idea of colouring the parot in diffent colours from Ila too... I sat for a while trying to decide what colours to do him when I remembered we had hundreds of parots in the trees out the back a while ago so I went and found my photos!

This was the best photo I got that day. They were in the highest gum trees and I had the biggest lens we had on and they were still hard to catch. They move AMAZINGLY fast! It is any wonder they get anything from the flowers when they jump around that fast!


Karen said...

Hey Ames - you just blow me away with your watercolouring!! Its's UNREAL!!


Michelle said...

Good morning Amy ~~ you need to send me your email so I can answer your questions that way, lol ~ I always feel badly that this is the only way I can answer you!! Copics are alcohol based ~ you can mix & match different media, although I personally have never tried wc with Copics, I have used chalks & Prismas with the Copics & they all blend together nicely. If you do a search for "Copic" on SCS ~~~ you'll get a million threads on the subject, lol!!! Let me know if you have any more questions!!