Friday, 26 September 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by the lovely and fabulously creative Joanne and I need to list seven random things about myself. Hmmm.... thinking music....

1. I have a happy dance! Yep... I repetitively sing whatever I am happy about... foooor example, "wooooohhooo my stamps are here... wooooohhooo my stamps are here... wooooohhooo my stamps are here" and partner that with wriggling and jumping around in front of the dog and you have a situation that could cause concern if witnessed by another human being!

2. I am a watercolour addict... I watercolour images and then never make cards from them. I just watercolour for the fun of it and then set the images aside. It helps when I don't feel like watercolouring though... or sometimes when I watercolour too much I get sore hands and cant hold the blender so I turn to actually making cards from the images then!

3. I like to bake... but only if it has chocolate in it! I am ok at it too... I can make most things I try well but when I realise I am on to a good thing it all goes downhill... I make it all the time until we are so sick of eating it we can't even look at it. Thanks Mum... we both know I got that from YOU!

4. I love my nanna nap. I have afternoon sleeps after work a few times a week! I usually sleep until Matt comes in the driveway then I quickly get up and make it seem like I was awake the whole time so he doesn't tease me! What... ME?? NEVER! Hehehe

5. I am terrible at paying bills. It's not that I don't have the money, its the hassle of logging into my internet banking account... I am too lazy and I get my mobile phone cut off almost every month for paying it late! Well, that has been my trend lately anyway!

6. I am so scared the microwave at work is going to blow up I can't bring myself to stand in the room with it while its on! I turn it on and then leave until it beeps! It's not every microwave I have an un-natural fear of, its just this one....

and lastly, on the off chance you are still reading.....

7. I loooove ice-cream! I eat it pretty much every day, all year round and the only time I don't eat it is when we have run out and forgot to get it from the shops. My uncle said I have always loved ice-cream... he said that I used to call it E-cream and when my nanna would walk me to the shop I always wanted her to get me E-cream!

So now I am going to tag some lovely bloggers that I have been visiting lately... go have a look... their work is great!

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Crissy Armstrong said...

It was fun to read all those facts about you, Amy! I'm glad you put them up! I love ice cream too, and eat it pretty much daily as well!! Very cool!