Sunday, 7 September 2008

Tons of Love

I made this card for my Mum's birthday (lets hope she doesn't look at my blog in the next week!). The reason I got these stamps was because I saw a card that Michelle made and loved it so much! When I went to make this card I had the idea in mind (I hadn't seen Michelle's card in AGES) and then once I was finished watercolouring I went to see what she had made with it only to find I managed to stamp it pretty much identical! I was so shocked! I even used the same seaweed and coral on the bottom... in the same order! Anyway, I managed to make the rest of the card different! I used some Kaisercraft paper I had laying around for ages and the colours were perfect! I also used some black wire all twisted around to put a bit of interest on the card.


Chrissie said...

That is very cute Amy! I amsure your Mum will love it!

Susan said...

Hmm. An aqua pen might have to be the next thing I put on my wish list. This card is very cute!

Amy, where are you being published?? Congratulations!