Sunday, 3 August 2008

The doctor is in!

This witch doctor card was yesterdays effort! I actually had a really productive weekend! I borrowed this little guy from Rachael and he was a blast to watercolour. To give you some idea how long it took to watercolour, I put Harry Potter 5 on a little bit after I started this guy (to listen to in the background) and I finished it about 10 minutes after the credits rolled.... that would have to be close to a record for me! I really set aside time when I watercolour to make sure I am happy with it and I was rather tired at the end this time!

I have been reading a few blogs that are REALLY great for ideas and MAN have I been learning HEAPS! You will notice in my posts (I have more to post but I will get around to them in the next few days) I have been experimenting with a few new ideas I have been learning from these girls... now though, I need to go practice, practice, practice!!

#1artist4highhopes was the inspiration behind this card. I love how she did the background of her witch doctor card... I need to practice a bit more I think! Oh... it pains me to see how wonderful her watercolouring is....!!! It's so good it hurts!

Artfully Ila is amazing... I love how she accents the images by using dots of acrylic paint! I have been trying it out and it really puts a whole new level to the image... it makes them really cute! Not to mention her whole layout of a card.... I'm SO jealous of her tallent!!

Michelle's watercolouring is fantastic! I have A LOT to learn from her! I encourage you to scroll down until you get to her sealife cards using High Hopes stamps.... CUTE!!


Michelle said...

Well, this is just TOO cute!! You did a fantastic job on this, it was well worth all the time!!! I'm honored to be included with Crissy & Ila ~~~ they are just amazing artists!!!

Ila said...

This card is Totally Amazing!! I love it...your coloring and layout is Fantastic!! ....and Thank you so much for mentioning me...I'm honered to be included with Crissy and Michelle....who are both Fabulous Artists!!

Chrissie said...

Amy...this card is absolutely fabulous!! You must a huge amount of patience to watercolour for that long! But it was well worth it!