Sunday, 3 August 2008

Leo Lion

I made this card last week. I spent two whole hours watercolouring it and I even topped it off with a whole heap of marker work to make it look more interesting. I was so happy with it I went and took a break then when I came back it had bled everywhere! I was devistated! I did a bit of saving work and made it ok but it still looks a little 'fluffy'. I have never had any trouble with watercolour paper before this... I did learn a lesson though... ALWAYS let the paper dry completely before adding accents with the marker! Then they wont bleed!

Oh, this is my first attempt at trying to use pattern paper on my cards!


Ila said...

I love the paper you choose here...and I love the way you colored the Lion!!!....Fabulous card!!

Chrissie said...

Amy... you are definitely the watercolour queen... the lion is superb!