Sunday, 17 August 2008

Sorry I've Been Tied Up Lately

Australian Cardmaking, Stamping & Papercraft - Vol. 14 No. 06 on sale 26 December 2008.

This is Juliette's Leap of Faith again... isn't she so cute! I was trying to think of something a bit different for this card so I made her strung up in a palm tree. Inside I have 'Sorry I've Been Tied Up Lately'. That statement isn't far from the truth either... I have been SO tied up lately but have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE High Hopes?? I have a whole bunch of new ones coming... it has been two weeks now since I ordered so hopefully I will get them this week. Fingers crossed... then I will be making time!!


Susan said...

Hi Amy! That's one seriously cute card! Glad you liked my Buckin' Bronco card as well :)

I haven't got any more news yet. One day I might. The lady in question is thinking and kind of tied up with getting her house on the market so she has slowed down on her decision, but she is still intending to make one eventually!

I'll keep in touch.

Kelly said...

Hi Amy! Am new to this comment stuff. Just left this comment on the wrong card. I meant that this card was cute. Hopefully will catch up soon for a HIgh Hopes Swap.

Michelle said...

Oh, this is adorable!! So clever!! I've had this stamp ~~ well, since that release came out ~~ & I still haven't used it!! It's hard to have ALL the HH stamps & use them all. I know, you're crying for me :) :)