Saturday, 9 August 2008

Kelly, Caitlin & Caleb

I did this layout so long ago now it is almost disgraceful! It has been rolling around my room for months now... I didn't even put it in my album! I have been meaning to take a photo of it for ages and seeing as it has been shoved everywhere for about three months it is still in great condition! Anyway, Kelly is my sister, Caitlin is my niece and Caleb is my little tasmanian devil nephew. He was blocking his ears because everyone was saying 'CHEESE' and he didn't want to listen to them.


Ila said...

Fabulous layout Amy...and what a Beautiful photo!!...Hugs, Ila

Susan said...

Gotta love little Tasmanian devil nephews and sweet nieces! I like this, Amy.

Hope to have some news fro you before too long about another team member :)