Tuesday, 22 January 2008


I joined an ATC's swap last week... seemed like a good idea at the time.... nah, really it was quite fun but I did get a little sick of the mass production side of it by the end. This was my first attemp at ATC's and I have wanted to give them a go for a while now. I just hope they are up to standard really! I did Teina's great effect by screwing up the paper (that was Matt's job) and then glueing it on leaving bumps and creases. Not only does it look great... its really fun too... I learnt that one in Teina's canvas class a while back and it still looks good even on a small scale.

Anyway, thats it for this week. I have been doing a bit of scrapping, just big pages like Movie World and Australia Zoo from last Christmas' trip to Brisbane... I have been trying to get through it all year. The pages are rather plain becuase they are just full of photos so I tend not to put them on here. If anyone is actually interested in seeing them, comment and I will post pics!

Over and out!


Teina said...

YOur ATCs are awesome Amy
But I know what you mean about the mass thing LOL
And I would love to see all your layouts I too have a few I have done and not POsted as yet but will do soon Am Scrapping myself for me today Yay!!! hUgs mate

Nardi said...

Ooo - I do like the look that you achieved with the crumpled paper.

janarran said...

Hi Amy!! Remember me from old scrapbooking days back in Barmera. I was so excited to see all your wonderful creations on your blog. Fantastic!! I'm just so thrilled to see that you are still creating and doing it so beautifully. Congrats on all your work!! And I hope your Stampin Up consultancy is moving ahead in leaps and bounds. You are one talented lady!!! Cheers!! Jan Smith, Barmera