Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Our Christmas Tree

Matt and I are pretty 'Ba-Humbug' when it comes to Christmas trees. We figure, they collect dust, you have to get them out and set them up only to have to pull them down a few weeks later then store them all year just so you have somewhere nice to put your pressents... this year I decorated this Scrap-FX tree with Kaisercraft paper. I went crazy with this range of paper for a few weeks there and I still have SOOOO much left over... I hope its still nice and in fashion next year!!

I was having technical difficulties with it for a while and ended up covering each side about four times before deciding on the colours I have now. Then once it was covered I couldn't think of any way to decorate it! The bells were an easy one but then I was stumped for a few more days on what to do with the rest of it!

I am really happy with how it turned out in the end and I had it decorating the office at work from late November... now its in the lounge room at home and chances are it will stay there for a while yet!

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