Thursday, 24 January 2008

What a SHOCK!

This morning when I opened up my email I got such a shock! Jan, my former CM Consultant from SA had left a comment on my blog! Jan – where on earth did you find my blog?? I don’t have contact with anyone in SA anymore so I was completely stunned! It was a great start to my day!

For those who don’t know, Jan introduced me to scrapping forever and a day ago! I didn’t even know scrapping existed until the day I went to her lovely home for a workshop! My friend rang me early that morning begging me come to ‘some photo thing’ to help make up numbers for her friend Linda. I dragged my sister, Kelly along too not even knowing what we were going to!

I still remember leaving that day so excited yet stunned that Jan knew so much about something I had never heard of! Jan was just a huge help… she sent me home with some paper, photo splits, a page and page protector and told me to get started! It seems like it was only yesterday really! Jan – I still have the black journaller you gave me (I was SO excited when you gave me that! – my scrapping was on a really tight budget back then!) You would be surprised at how often I still use the pen… it would be around 5 years old now and its still going strong! When I look back now… Jan, you opened a really big can of worms there!

Anyway, I am really grateful Jan for all of your amazing help and support and it was lovely to receive that comment… I just hope you come back now!

I thought it might be fun to post a photo of my very first layout; the one I did on that very first day of my new obsession that surprisingly lasted to the point where I couldn’t live without it anymore!


Teina said...

How cool to hear from you friend awesome and that layout is too funny How you have changed Neve did the CM thing

janarran said...

Amy, I was just doodling about on the internet looking for stamping ideas and literally stumbled onto your blog! I got such a surprise too!! Awwwwww, I love your first layout and I'm so glad you've never changed it. It serves as a reminder of how much your skill and art has grown over the years. Those old CM layouts sure did have a "look" didn't they [chuckle]!!!
Thanks for your lovely comments about those days - we did have fun sharing our enthusiasm and ideas - and we were both totally hooked on this scrapbooking thing. And those CM pens just never seem to die do they!! My original workshop pens ar still going too!!
Like you, my paths have branched out and diversified in a major way, especially into stamping. I'm no longer CM consulting. But I certainly have no regrets about that early era as it was such a great launch-pad. And we had some teriffic workshops! (especially those ones that were just yourself, Kelly and I!).
I'm so delighted that our paths have joined again. So yes, I'll be checking your blog and staying in touch!! And please say hi to Kelly and Caitlin for me. Cheers!