Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Craft Caddy (for lack of a better name!)

I saw something similar to this in Scrapbooking Masters at the beginning of the week and just LOVED it! Mainly the colours are just so ME! So I straight away rushed to Spotlight to get a caddy and to my surprise... they actually had what I wanted! I don't have a whole lot of luck when craft shopping in Cairns because as soon as it gets on the shelf its usually gone... anyway, this was the last one so I was really happy. THEN, I needed to find the Cosmo Cricket (Wanted) pattern paper.... that was tough! I finally found an online store that had them all in stock (Scrap Therapy) and on check out I found out they are actually in Babinda and they do deliveries to Cairns for only $2! THEN it gets better..... when I got home from work that day.... they were on my door step! Talk about EXPRESS, EXPRESS, EXPRESS post!!

What a great day! I can't believe I didn't have to settle for anything this time, like usual and was able to go home and start the project immediately! YAY!

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Susan said...

What a good idea. I am always looking fro ways to organise my supplies - maybe this os one of the ways it could be done. Must visit that Babinda store when I get a chance....